A Lesson A Day – Parties at Odds


Parties at Odds

      As rechilus is defined as any statement that may cause ill feelings between Jews, one might think that statements where ill feelings already exist would be excluded from this category. In fact, this is not the case. It is forbidden to strengthen existent animosity or even to remind someone of his negative feelings towards his fellow.


The Strength of His Worlds

      Our above discussion is capsulated in a single verse cited above:

      “Trust in Hashem forever, for in G-d, Hashem, is the strength of the worlds (Yeshayahu 24:6).”

      “Trust in Hashem forever …’’ Even after the Temple has been destroyed and the Jewish people finds itself in exile while the wicked prosper, nevertheless, trust in Hashem and He will help you, for His power is infinite and eternal.

      All of creation continues to exist only by way of Hashem’s unceasing will that it be so, as the Sages formulated in the morning prayer, “and in His goodness renews daily, perpetually, the work of Creation’’; and as Scripture states, “And You give them all life” (Nechemiah 9:6). Hashem’s involvement in this world is unchanging and He continues to watch over those who place their trust in Him. Therefore, the above verse concludes “for in G-d, Hashem, is the strength of the worlds.” Hashem created His worlds with the Name spelled with the letters yud heh; the upper world with the letter yud, and this world with the letter heh. His will, as represented by the letters of His Name, continues to be the “strength,” of His worlds.

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