A Lesson A Day – Negative Opinions


Negative Opinions

      As rechilus includes any statement that might cause ill feelings between Jews, it is forbidden to inform a manufacturer or distributor that a certain individual dislikes his product. This is true even if the product is generally unpopular. Similarly, one may not tell a speaker that a certain person or persons did not enjoy his lecture, nor may one tell a writer or artist that certain people do not appreciate his work (unless this is absolutely necessary for a constructive purpose).


Stealing One’s Own Time

      At times, people totally ignore their obligation to study Torah, and yet become very successful in business. However, if one will carefully follow the fortunes of such individuals, he will discover that in many instances, circumstances beyond their control cause them to lose significant amounts of their hard-earned money. This may be Heaven’s way of taking away that which rightfully belonged to someone else, as it is written, “One who accumulates wealth, but not with justice, in half his days it will forsake him” (Yirmiyahu 17:11). Or it may be that the person accumulated some of his wealth during time that was not his own, meaning, time which should have been dedicated toward the study of Torah and other mitzvos.

      Avos D’R’ Nosson (29:2) states: “Whoever disrupts himself from studying words of Torah will have disruptions cast his way [which will interfere with his daily affairs]. For example, a lion, or leopard … or armed bandits may come, surround his property and exact retribution from him, as it is written, “… there is indeed a G-d Who judges in the land” (Tehillim 58:12).

      The above punishment is measure for measure. Because the person neglected his obligation to study Torah and instead strained to amass material wealth, therefore circumstances will force him to turn his attention away from the endeavors in which he has wrongfully chosen to toil.

      The Sages state: “If a person sees affliction come upon him, he should examine his ways. If he examined them and they are not lacking, he should attribute [his suffering] to disruption of Torah study” (Berachos 5a).

      In conclusion: The world and its fullness belongs to the Holy One, Blessed is He. He fashioned all of creation for His honor, as it is written, “All that is called by My Name and for My honor, have I created” (Yeshayahu 43:7). Therefore, one who seeks a life of fulfillment and tranquility should heed David’s call: “Trust in Hashem and do good.’’

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