A Lesson A Day – When an Act is justified


When an Act is justified

      Speaking rechilus is prohibited even when it is made clear that the act committed was totally justified. It is therefore forbidden to tell someone that another person spoke negatively of him for a constructive purpose (l’toeles). Moreover, it is forbidden to tell someone that another person spoke negatively of him upon the advice of a posek (halachic authority). People tend to bear ill will towards those who speak against them even when it is obvious that the speaker was justified in doing so.


The Man of Trust

      Hashem has commanded us to study Torah at every available moment; at the very least, we are to set aside a fixed portion of time each day for its study. We are also commanded to set aside a portion of our earnings for tzedakah (charity), and fulfill other mitzvos which ostensibly seem to deplete one’s resources or prevent him from adding to his income. The evil inclination incites the Jew to be lax in his observance of these mitzvos by way of simple arguments: “What will you be left with in the end if you give away so much money which could be used toward lucrative investments?’’ Or, “Now is a most opportune time for a business trip; you might never have an opportunity like this one! Your studies will have to wait for another time.’’ In this way, one feels compelled to give less charity or to sacrifice his fixed learning session for the sake of the business opportunity which “cannot be missed.’’

      To counter this, David declares: “Trust in Hashem” (Tehillim 37:3) — trust that He will surely grant you whatever has been decreed for you; “and do good” — through such trust you will find yourself ready to carry out all the good which the Torah seeks of you.

      Talmud Yerushalmi (Sotah 9:13) relates that a businessman was once studying Torah when some customers approached him, demanding that he show them his merchandise. The man replied: “I will not interrupt my fixed study period. If this profit has been decreed for me, then inevitably it will be mine.’’

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