A brand new Shmiras Haloshon Yomi sefer

A brand new Shmiras Haloshon Yomi sefer

is about to be published and you can play an

essential role!

Tens of thousands of Jews around the world have embraced the advice of the Chofetz Chaim and the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva to learn the halachos of shmiras haloshon on a daily basis. This quiet revolution has created zchusim beyond calculation for themselves, their families and all of Klal Yisrael.

But, we have not published a new sefer in 10 years. And there is only so many times you can review the same sefer.

Announcing “The Family Lesson a Day” which is going to print within the next few weeks!

  • Each daily lesson is written in readable, down-to-earth style.
  • The whole family can learn it together.
  • Enjoyable, true-to-life examples bring the halachos to life.
  • The sefer follows the Shmiras Haloshon Yomi calendar of the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva, zt’l.
  • Those already committed to learning Shmiras Haloshon each day are sure to grab this new sefer to refresh their commitment and energize their learning.
The incalculable reward apportioned to someone who, by sponsoring a month of learning in this new sefer, helps thousands of Jewish families guard their tongues.

A VERY SPECIAL Z’CHUS IS AVAILABLE FOR $1,800 TO SPONSOR ONE MONTH OF LEARNING! That means one entire month of daily lessons, learned by families across the globe, all as a zechus for your loved one.

Reserve your month in the sefer NOW, email oz@chofetzchaimusa.org

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